Connecting to Innovative Interface’s Sierra API via Windows ODBC

Innovative Interfaces’ API for Sierra is accessible via Windows ODBC with the right drivers installed on the client PC and the right configuration on the Sierra server. Clients can access data via ODBC whether Sierra is hosted at III’s data centers or elsewhere.


  • The Sierra login information used to access the Sierra API (the login info used in the Sierra ODBC connection) must have rights to Sierra DNA / Sierra API from within Sierra. This is a task for your ILS Administrator.
  • The Sierra server must be open to traffic to port 1032 from all staff members’ external / outgoing IP addresses. Depending on your network architecture and hosting situation, this may involve your ILS Administrator and/or Network Administrator.
  • Users will need a 32-bit PostgreSQL ODBC drivers. These can be found on PostgreSQL’s website.

Getting It Done:

In Control Panel > Administrative Tools click Set up ODBC data sources (32-bit). An ODBC Data Source Administrator window will appear. Click Add…

2017-04-13 11_51_39-ODBC Data Source Administrator (64-bit).png

A new window will appear called Create New Data Source. Click PostreSQL Unicode and then click Finish.
In the next window, set Data Source to Sierra. Set the Database to iii and set the Server to your institution’s Sierra database server


  • If you’re hosted, your Sierra database server is probably: sierra-db.[your institution’s domain].org/edu/etc
  • If you host on your own, contact your network or ILS administrator, or III support for this information.
The username should be set to your Sierra login username and SSL Mode should be set to prefer. Set the port to 1032 and password to your Sierra login password.
Click Test and look for a connection successful message. If you do not receive one, don’t bother moving forward without troubleshooting.